True Confessions of a Mediocre Twenty Something

16 Oct

I read once that there are more people with blogs than those that actually read them. So basically the only person who will lay eyes on this mess of letters and punctuation will be me. Story of my life. I’m a little late in jumping on this band wagon but there is no need to judge. Just because I am the slow kid, riding the short bus in the imaginary world of blogs doesn’t mean you can poke fun.

My only experience in “blogging” was the jurassic Open Diary. Oh the days when the only thing to worry about was what puff painted, Hobby Lobby shirt and matching mini skirt to wear. Now I’m old enough to not be excited about what age I turn on my birthday but more excited that it’s another excuse to go out and drink.

So here’s to pretending like I’m an actual writer and thinking that someone might actually read anything I might have to say (not that it’s all that exciting). Cheers.


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