Good Life, Naturally

17 Oct

Last Friday, Corrie and I made a road trip up to William Jewell College to see the Matt Wertz show. I’ve been a fan of Matt for a couple years after seeing him live. He opened for Jars of Clay when I saw him the first time and it was just him, his friend and their guitars and they rocked it for a hour. You know someone is a good musician when they only need their guitar and lyrics to make an amazing song. Anyways, when Corrie said she had gotten tickets to see him in Liberty, I was way pumped.

Matt was fantastic, not surprising. His energy is so contagious.

But the best part of the evening was I found a new musician to be obsessed with. I know, seriously, could I get a life or something? I’d never heard of Andy Davis prior to him pounding out tunes on his piano. This kid is a true musician. I felt slightly out of the loop because I didn’t know him while the high school girls behind me swooned, laughed at really inappropriate times (Corrie feels my pain here) and sang along to his songs. I have since fallen in love with Andy Davis. I’m a sucker for a man who can sing. Plus he’s cute in a “I look better in skinny jeans and a scarf than you” kind of way.

So this is my shameless marketing of these two guys. If they are ever in your area, drop everything you are doing and march yourself on down to see them. It is totally worth it.


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