When I’m old and gray, will you still be my friend?

31 Oct

Margaret and Helen

Stumbled across this blog and immediately added it to my Daily Read tab. Nothing like an 82 year old and her BFF of 60 years dishing it out about politics and how stupid people are today. Couldn’t agree with you more, honey.

Even if you don’t like politics or don’t agree with their viewpoints, you have to check it out. Oh, and their picture is about the most precious thing I’ve ever seen.


Me: I found this blog of an 82 year old woman and her bff and it is so you and me in like 60 years. Love it.

Corrie: Let’s still be friends then.

Corrie: You. Me. Michael. Sam. Nursing home buddies.

Me: Can you imagine? They would probably kick us out. Michael macking on the young nurses. Sam and me disagreeing about who knows what. You chasing strangers’ grandchildren down the halls. It would be fantastic.

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