I’m your bacon. Be my egg.

3 Nov

Another Halloween has come and gone. I made it to one party (in my costume made at 4:30 p.m. in between leaving work and going to the baby bro’s football game… seriously, I literally made it in the car) and was thoroughly entertained by the creativity of people’s costumes and shocked at the fact the girls keep finding ways to wear less and less on Halloween.

I’m a people watcher so any event where complete strangers will be present only makes for an entertaining time. At one point, I was standing under a tree waiting for Anne, Michael and Sam to find their way out of the maze of people inside the house. I was just standing, minding my own business, when this girl dressed like Pebbles from the Flintstones walked right into my personal bubble.

Pebbles: “Oh my gosh, you are sooooo cute.”

Me: “Uh thanks.”

Pebbles: “My name is Pebbles.”

Me: “Really? Where’s your Bam Bam?”

Pebbles (really sad): “Oh I don’t have one. I’m single. But these are my friends Charlie Brown and Linus.”

for some unknown reason she could only refer to herself and others as the characters they were dressed up as

Pebbles: “Linus plays on the KU football team.”

This is when I look over and find “Linus” with his thumb in his mouth. And these are the guys who beat my football team the next day. Fantastic.

Pebbles (excited because she just remembered something really important): “Oh my gosh, I work at a dentist office! You should so come visit me!”

Me: “Right, I’ll just ask for Pebbles.”


Then there was Bacon and Egg. When Corrie and I first arrived at the party, we noticed a girl dressed like an Egg go running down the side walk with a girl dressed like Bacon and a guy dressed as a French chef yelling something at her as they tried to keep up with her surprisingly fast speed (egg costumes aren’t very aerodynamic, you know). As we were getting ready to leave the shindig, we found Egg sitting on the ground, completely lost.

Egg: “Bacon! Bacon! Where’s my Bacon?”

Corrie: “Are you okay?”

Egg: “I can’t find my Bacon.”

at this point she is almost in tears

Corrie: “Oh.”

Egg (bits of this were hard to hear due to the incoherent mumblings): “I lost my Bacon. I told her we needed a plate. BACON!”

And when all seemed lost…

Bacon (from across the yard): “Egg?!”

The two run to each other, almost in slow-mo, and embrace in one of those climatic movie hugs where the two main characters are reunited.

Bacon: “I am your bacon. Be my egg.”



One Response to “I’m your bacon. Be my egg.”

  1. Katy November 4, 2008 at 5:39 pm #

    Kudos! Halloween is good for this!

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