Embarrassing Confession Number 1

5 Nov

I once went to a Royals baseball game only to see David Cook perform “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” during the 7th inning stretch.

American Idol is kind of my guilty pleasure. I find it amazing and slightly cheesy all at the same time. The game was two weeks before he won American Idol (might I point out he had been my favorite from the beginning even with the unfortunate haircut) and although I’m not a huge baseball fan, the game ended up being really entertaining hanging out with the little sisters and watching crazy drunk people dance to the light of firework night.



Anyone who knows me knows I have an almost unhealthy infatuation with this sexy because he can pull off eye liner, vest wearing, brother loving rocker so this is more shameless marketing on my part… the album drops November 18th. End of story.


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