The ‘e’ is silent

17 Dec

I will admit. I do have an unusual first name.

It’s Faryle.

Pronounced like Will Ferrell‘s last name or feral cats (which, let’s be honest here, that’s pretty cool).

I’ve been called so many different things in my life. Anything from Farley to Forreal (which is my personal favorite and I regularly get called this by friends). I will answer to just about anything as long as it sounds minutely like my name.

I found great joy in the first day of a new semester when a teacher or prof would do role call. I always knew when they got to my name. They would be rolling along and then suddenly stop, turn the paper like changing its orientation would help with the pronunciation and then shyly announce their butchered attempt. Oh and the joys of hearing someone try to figure out my name over the intercom at restaurants.

I’ve always loved my name. I’ve never had to share it with anyone. When there were two Katies and 2 Matts in my 3rd grade, I thanked my mom for giving me a different name. People remember me when I can’t recall their name because I’m the girl with the weird name. It doesn’t bother me when someone says my name wrong. I understand.


It makes me almost manic when someone calls me by my last name. I’m not talking about someone calling me Miss (insert last name). I’m talking about the people who call me by my last name because they think it’s my first (and because they are apparently missing a part of their brain). It happens all the time.

When there is a comma in the middle, it means the last name is listed before the first name. That’s how it’s always been. It’s how it will always be. So don’t call me by my last name when you’ve correctly said all the other names in the correct order.

And the one that really gets me? When people respond to e-mails by saying “Dear Last Name”. Are you serious? I sign all my e-mails with my first name. My first name, people. So why the heck do you respond with my last? Do you think I don’t know my own name?

I should probably seek help for my aggression problem.


2 Responses to “The ‘e’ is silent”

  1. bronzedshoe December 18, 2008 at 12:52 am #

    I have a unique last name, so I can share your love of special names. Not gonna lie, though, I always pronounce your name “Farley” in my mind. I lived in a dorm by the same name once, so I think my mind rearranges the letters into something familiar.

  2. Sommer December 18, 2008 at 1:26 am #

    Totally agree w/ you on people reversing names!!! I always get emails from clients at work “Terry, blah blah blah” and I’m like seriously who would sign their email LastName FirstName?!

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