The Screen Test

30 Dec

I really like the series The New York Times is doing called Screen Tests. It’s usually filmed in black and white which I find really classic and asks movie stars (well, and Tyra Banks… not really sure how she was included in this) random questions like “What is the first movie you remember?” and “What is the first movie you saw on a date?”

My favorite question in the series has to be “What are your five favorite non-musical sounds?”

So for a second, I will pretend I am some glamorous actress who has been snubbed by the Oscar nominating committee far too many times but isn’t holding a grudge what so ever and give you my response:

1. The sound people make at the end of a really good laugh. You know, that satisfactory sigh of humor success.

2. The click of a keyboard when you’ve got a lot to say and it just kind of flows out through your fingers. This is definitely the writer in me.

3. Rain. In any form but I am partial to a good thunderstorm to jazz things up a bit.

4. Baby laughter. They don’t know how to fake laugh yet. It’s just so genuine.

5. And my all time favorite sound: The click of high heels on pavement. There is something so beautiful about it.


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