Put my tender heart in a blender

6 Jan

Ahhh vacation.

Although a majority of it was spent running errands, decorating church pews and purchasing black socks for a silly groom, it was just what I needed.

But that doesn’t make for a very good story. So let’s try this one:

I was convinced that I was going to die on New Year’s Eve . That’s the beginning to a good story, right?

I’m not one for large groups of people because I am easily frustrated by stupid people. I tend to avoid the masses (specifically masses of intoxicated people) when possible. This is probably the main reason why I’ve avoided Aggieville in the past on New Year’s. But I was feeling adventurous so I packed up my bag and jumped into my little red car to start my vacation off with friends and fireworks.

So why was I pretty sure my life was going to end on Moro Street, you ask. Well large crowd plus live concert times alcohol to the third power equals the need to smash bodies into a small space and then mosh pit. It was Eve6. Yeah, I had to look them up before I went… I knew one of their songs. Listen to it and then tell me who seriously moshes to that?

Somehow I got stuck in the middle of said mosh pit and while I like to think I am adventurous, having my brain sloshed around by a group of people wasn’t really what I was planning on doing for fun that night. At that point I was on the verge of hyperventilating because all I could think about was, “I’m going to die right here and no one is going to know and I’ll be that girl. The one who was too stupid to get out. And I haven’t done all the things I wanted to so STOP PUSHING ME!”

That’s when Leslie and I were saved by Corey and it was like the Red Sea as all the people parted ways so we could make it safely back to our group.

So that’s how I almost died… or at least thought I was going to die a horrible, painful death by having my internal organs smashed.


I did have a really good time. After the ball dropped and the fireworks were going off, I found myself thinking about how thankful I was to be there in that moment, right there surrounded by people who still want to be my friends even though they know my secrets. The same people who made me laugh harder than I’d laughed in a long time and held my hand when I was on the verge of a major freak out in the crowded street.

I pretty much have the most amazing friends ever.


2 Responses to “Put my tender heart in a blender”

  1. leslie January 8, 2009 at 8:19 am #

    Damn right you do! And don’t you forget!!! I know all your secrets ergo you cannot get rid of me! SUCKA!!!!!


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    […] piano, singer, songwriter I heard Clayton Senne for the first time when he opened for Eve 6 on New Year’s. His style of music is right up my alley: singer, songwriter, piano player. Plus the kid braved the […]

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