Letter to a Stranger: 4th Edition

1 Feb

Dear Idiot Who Stole My Credit Card Information,

I hope you’re enjoying whatever you bought for $49.95 with my info but sucka, I’ve canceled the card and while it probably won’t do much, I’ve filled out a police report. I hope whatever you bought brakes and your cry like a small child.

You might want to find a different hobby,


P.S. I apologize to Chipotle. It wasn’t your machine that broke. It was actually my fault.


One Response to “Letter to a Stranger: 4th Edition”

  1. leslie February 5, 2009 at 9:44 am #

    Is it sad that when I read this post I was like…wow we are becoming so much of the same person that people are taking out credit card information at the same time!

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