The driver always gets to pick the tunes

13 Feb

I’m carpooling with a couple of friends to Manhattan this weekend. One friend has made it very clear how much he dislikes some of the music I listen to and just because he likes to push my buttons all the time, I felt the need to inform Corrie through text of my plan for the drive.

Me: So since Sam is riding with us that means we get to sing Sugarland the entire ride, right?

Corrie: Yes please! Who else annoys him? Can we listen to Adele too? And Duffy?

Me: He hates Rascal Flatts too

Corrie: Haha perfect. Maybe he will like Duffy. Or Adele. We are just opening his ears to a new type of music.

Me: I doubt it. They are not vanilla. They are like rocky road.

Corrie: That’s what he gets when driving with us… rocky road.


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