Moving On

23 Feb

I’m in the process of finding an apartment which is terrifying and exhilarating all at the same time.

I’m ready to not live at home anymore and not share my room with my 14 year old sister who, although adorable, can be a big pain when getting ready for work in the morning because she HAS to use the blow dryer first. What did you do for the four years I was at college without all of my stuff, child?

Money is tight, as it is for most people these days, so my options are limited. You would think living in a college town there would be several decent options, right? Sure there are lots of places that are cheap but as I’ve discovered, I would probably have neighbors that would kidnap my dog and hold her for ransom.

I went to check out a place yesterday. One word: sketch. While getting a tour of the laundry facilities,  I was cat called at twice. I hadn’t even taken a shower. Those people should think about sitting their standards a little higher.

And the search for a place to live continues.


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