Tsk. Tsk.

25 Jun

My momma raised me right. I say please and thank you. I don’t cut in line and I wait my turn. I apologize when I’m wrong. I make eye contact when I speak to people.

I can’t count how many times within the last few weeks where people have been genuinely surprised when I hold the door for them or say thank you for their help or do anything polite.

For example, the other day I was getting ready to get into a friend’s car when the guy parked next to me was getting in his at the same time. I stepped back and he apologized for being in my way. I told him it was not a problem at all and smiled. He was so shocked that I was nice to him. Was I supposed to tell him that it’s ridiculous that we got to our doors at the same time and no, I should have gone first and he should feel bad for getting in the way?

Is being kind so strange that people are shocked when a stranger does it?


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