Notes from the Weekend

17 Aug

Saw one of my best friends perform in his last show in the Little Apple before moving to New York on Thursday. It just happened to be Hamlet which makes me feel very cultured and a little dumb for not paying better attention in Dramatic and Shakespearean Lit in high school. I felt like there should have been a subtitles to translate what was going on.


Went to lunch with Krista and her coworkers on Friday. Elementary school teachers are awesome and saucy.


Met up with Ashley Saturday morning for a little apartment hunting. Laughed so hard from the following text from her mother.

Ashley’s Mom: I just got you a Garmin!

Ashley: From where?

Ashley’s Mom: Some guy who stole it.


Drove to KC on Sunday with the little sisters to meet up with Corrie to see The Time Traveler’s Wife at the Fork and Screen (seriously people, go see a movie here… eat a meal while watching a movie, why did I not think of this and make lots of money off of it). The movie was really good (which is always questionable when a movie is based off a book that is so wonderful) and I have a girl crush on Rachel McAdams.


Couldn’t sleep Sunday night. Turned on the TV to see I Am Legend just starting on one of the random movie channels. Having never seen it but loving Will Smith, I sit back to enjoy the movie. SPOILER ALERT: The movie is about freakin’ vampires! Like super creepy, jump out at you in the dark, pee my pants kind of scary vampires.

Okay, so maybe it wouldn’t have been so scary if it hadn’t been pitch black outside and like 1 in the morning.


One Response to “Notes from the Weekend”

  1. leslie August 18, 2009 at 8:47 am #

    I have girl crush on her too!! I can’t wait to see it!!!
    And I think it is just as scary no matter what time you watch it!

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