Dream Big

16 Sep

Yesterday I went to get my teeth cleaned.

Truly I have a story here. Guys, I have found a new life goal to add to the list (right after becoming BFFs with Heather Armstrong and singing a duet with Sugarland).

I’m going to be a teeth model. As I sat there peacefully listening to my iPod , I noticed the dental hygienist looking for something in my file.

DH: “You’ve never had braces?”

Me thinking to myself: What? No! Am I going to be the 23 year old with metal mouth? Great, that’s definitely going to pick up guys.

Me: “Uh, nope.”

DH: “Wow, your teeth are beautiful. Hold on a second.”

She proceeds to leave the room and come back with three other nurses to show off my teeth. They all stand in awe. I then tell them I wasn’t born with any wisdom teeth and I almost expect them to applaud.

Thus, I’m currently looking for an agent to help further my modeling career.

Dream big, right?


One Response to “Dream Big”

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