Letter to a Stranger 14th Edition

1 Feb

Dear Doggie Groomer,

I apologize for my dog’s weird aversion to new people thus making it almost impossible to trim her nails. That’s the only reason I suggested I hold her while you trimmed because I knew it was going to take years for you to be able to wrangle her down (even though she is only 12 pounds.)

So when you reached for her right paw and accidentally groped my chest, I totally understood. No need to get all embarrassed and red faced and stammer like a grade school boy handing his homemade Valentine to the prettiest girl in the class.

Next time you could buy me dinner first,



One Response to “Letter to a Stranger 14th Edition”

  1. Leslie February 1, 2010 at 11:53 am #

    I F-ing love you!!! Like I am still laughing!~

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