Birthdays, bowling and beer

31 Mar

Anne and I have known each other for almost 14 years. We grew up going to junior high and high school together, were in the same 4-H club, roomed together in college and I even introduced her to her soon-to-be husband a couple of years ago.

We also happen to have birthdays that fall within a few days of each other and many of the same friends so we are joining forces for b-day festivities this week. I haven’t sent out good ol’ fashioned invites to a birthday party since I was probably in the third grade so I decided to make invitations (with the most embarrassing photo I could find of the two of us circa 1999) and sent them out to our friends.

Friday can’t come soon enough.


One Response to “Birthdays, bowling and beer”

  1. nina1186 March 31, 2010 at 7:19 pm #

    Ah! Sounds so fun. Wish I could celebrate with you guys!

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