Salsa… taco… burrito

19 Apr
Group chat about Leslie’s maybe date.
Leslie: but he did say next time he would just pick me up to make sure I made it to the right theatre
me: he said next time… he totally digs you
Leslie: i just don’t know
Brad: boy opinion thinks that “next time” means something
me: see brad thinks the same thing i do
Brad: a very sly way to get you into his car… alone… just saying
me: so either he likes you or he wants to murder you
either way, it’s with a boy
so bonus
Leslie: hahahahahahaha
me: but just to be safe, leslie we need a safe word… if you text me it then i know i need to call the cops
Brad: the safe word will be guacamole

One Response to “Salsa… taco… burrito”

  1. Momma Deb April 29, 2010 at 3:37 pm #

    I find this chat rather disturbing! ;-)

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