Over the last two weeks

3 Aug

I have been MIA from posting. That is number one on this list. But, boy oh boy, was there a lot going on.

In the last two weeks…

  • Move out of old apartment with no idea where I will be living come the beginning of August
  • Due to this “homelessness,” move back in with my parents… and my three siblings… and their two dogs
  • Find new place. Find third roommate. Rejoice in saving money.
  • Finished my letterpress class
  • Celebrate baby sister’s 16th birthday
  • New apartment complex calls and says apartment remodel won’t be finished in time for move in. Refrain from having a meltdown. Work out deal to move to different building. Everything is okay.
  • Receive a free living room set complete with couch, love seat and chair and a half from some family friends. Free always makes me happy
  • Third roommate backs out THE DAY BEFORE WE ARE SUPPOSED TO MOVE IN
  • Have that meltdown I had refrained from having earlier in the week in the middle of my bank. It’s cool. I’m all about making situations awkward.
  • Complex is thankfully very understanding and moves us to a two bedroom with no problem
  • Move into new place
  • Celebrate baby brother’s 20th birthday

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