Embarrassing Confession Number 30

29 Apr

There’s a mouse in my apartment and I’m totally terrified of it.

In my mind, he’s a ferocious, furry, fanged monster that lurks behind the refrigerator plotting his eventual attack on me one day while I’m watching Jeopardy.

But in reality, he’s this teeny-tiny little thing that scurries across the floor when I reach into the pantry to get myself a poptart.

Equally as terrifying, I assure you.

You know that scene in Parent Trap where the twins convince the evil soon-to-be stepmother that knocking two sticks together will scare off mountain lions? Yeah, that’s me before I walk into the kitchen. Making as much noise as possible in hopes he will stay in his hiding place and we can both go about our business.

I feel like we’ve come to a mutual understanding.

An understanding that he will stay out of my way and I’ll provide him with a last meal of peanut butter before the door snaps shut on the trap under the kitchen sink.

Seems fair to me.


One Response to “Embarrassing Confession Number 30”

  1. Elena April 29, 2011 at 11:28 am #

    YES! I had a mouse in my last apartment and I was TERRIFIED of it. Erin wanted to catch it and keep it as a pet. UGH. And to make matters worse, it would sneak out of the kitchen, behind my TV and down to a hole next to my couch. I hated looking up at my tv and seeing its little face peeking out. I threw a lot of things that semester.


    OH! AND! My light was in the far side of my kitchen! So I had to step in my kitchen in the dark – definitely banging on the walls to scare it away.

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