Letter to a Stranger 21st Edition

16 Jun

Dear Grocery Store Patrons,

Yes, me going to the grocery store right after work yesterday was a terrible idea. Everyone and their mom was there. However, if we all follow some simple rules of Grocery Store Etiquette, we can all get in and out quickly without me feeling the urge to go Hulk-style angry.

First, sure you think your kids are cute. They may be in any other circumstance. But when they are running around the store screaming, they are not cute to anyone else. At all.

If you are at the meat counter, know what you want before you step up there. I’ve got things to do and standing there listening to your indecisiveness is not one of them.

And finally, what may be my biggest grocery store pet peeve. Pick a side of the aisle to park your cart. The middle is never an option. Well, unless you want me to road rage my cart into the back of your ankles.

This is why I usually shop late at night for my groceries,



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