I Fear My Dog is Smarter Than Me

26 Aug

I’ve lived in my new place for three weeks. At this point, one would think I’d have most of my stuff unpacked, organized and settled in.

You’d think.

My TV was placed on the floor during move-in and that’s where it has stayed. At some point I’ll get a table to put it on. For now, ignore the kink in your neck after watching an episode of Awkward.* and just make sure you stretch before watching any TV.

My dog has figured out a new trick. If she doesn’t think I’m paying enough attention to her (which is always because she’s an attention whore), she will sit right in front of the TV and not budge. It’s her evil plan: make it impossible to see anything, wait for me to pick her up and then make herself comfortable on my lap.

If she could evil laugh, she would.

* Watch this show. You can thank me later.


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