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The Lumineers.

30 Apr

To be honest, I knew two songs of The Lumineers prior to going to this show.

I’m in love now. So incredibly good.


“You are sweet little people. Like cupcakes.”

15 Nov

Dear Sara,

You are a rock star. Not only do you have a fantastic voice and sweet, sweet piano skills, you’re also hilarious and a tiny bit inappropriate and I love it.

We would definitely be BFFs,


P.S. I want your sparkly vest.

Songs and Stories

28 Oct

It’s no secret that there is  a very specific type of music that I love. Singer, songwriter, guitar, songs that sound like the artist is stealing directly from my journal… I can’t help but love it.

Tyrone Wells rolled into town last night for a show and it was just what I needed after a long day at the job.

Well, that and seeing some of my favorite people and a beer… or three.

Beers and Bikinis

30 Jun

I must admit, I like country music. Not the twangy, she divorced me and took my dog kind of country but like the Reba don’t take my man because I will blow up your boat kind of country.

This past weekend I found my inner cowgirl and went to County Stampede. Don’t judge. You can’t live in Kansas and not have a tiny bit of country running through your veins.







Red, White and OMG

22 Jun

Saturday, June 20th: Red, White and Boom 2009 in Kansas City

1:15 pm: Standing in a mile long line with what I believe may have been the entire population of 12-17 year olds in the KC Metro area.


1:32 pm: Starts to sprinkle. Laugh at the crazy mom in front of us fighting with the security guard about bringing her umbrella and backpack into the venue.

1:47 pm: Witness what is quite possibly the worst hair ever. Fried bleach blond on top and tar black on bottom.

2:00 pm: Gates open and we hear this gem of a quote from a 14 year old girl in her homemade glitter shirt, “If it’s moving fast enough, water can cut you!”

2:14 pm: Find spot on hill to sit for the afternoon of concerts.


2:15 pm: Sky opens up. Pat myself on the back for not wearing a white shirt.


3:40 pm: Still raining. Realize I have no idea who any of the first three acts are.

4:36 pm: What is with neon colored outfits? I’m pretty sure no one looks cute in neon pink booty shorts and an electric blue tank top.

5:03 pm: Rain stops and sun comes out! Decide it was real silly to do my hair. Now I just look like a drowned rat.


5:31 pm: Why is Ashley Tisdale here and can you really call her the host of the event if she is only on stage for two seconds?



5:53 pm: “There are a lot of kids here. So this song is about….. ice cream. Ice cream so good you want to spank it.” ~ Matt in reference to his song “Come On Get Higher”

6:15 pm: Sky opens up again.

7:00 pm: Rain stops but the last storm has guaranteed that we will never quite dry out for the rest of the night.

7:10 pm: Take a glorious nap during some random performance. Honestly, we only went for two people and really didn’t know anyone else.

7:28 pm: White men rapping. I’m sorry. I can’t take you seriously.

8:45 pm: Purchase the most expensive margarita ever. But damn was it good.



9:51 pm: DAVID COOK! This, my friends, is my future husband. He just doesn’t know it yet. I have now regressed to acting like a screaming, prepubescent girl.

I know, I know, the picture is terrible. Call it artsy. Call it blurry. Call it whatever because it’s DAVID COOK!


11:12 pm: Firework show and the great search for the car.

11:23  pm: Sonic for dinner. Funny how $5 at Sonic buys me a hamburger, tater tots and drink while the same amount buys me a warm pretzel and a thimble of cheese at the concert.

1:20 am: Realize that I am old while complaining about being sore from sitting on the ground all day.

You’re like human peyote

17 Nov

I have a problem. Every time I go to a concert I fall in love with someone. Matt Nathanson equals sexy. And unfortunately married… lucky, lucky girl. He is a funny man with a fantastic voice and the ability to get an entire audience to sing 80s one-hit wonders.


Girls Night Out – Elena, Corrie, Me, and Leslie


The kid, okay so not really a kid since he is in his 30s, sang for a straight two hours.


I think at this point we may have all been discussing the hip movement of said performer. And probably trying our impersonations of the opening act with the terrible dance moves and lack of facial expressions… and the really unfortunate hair.


And I apologize to the lady studying in the coffee shop at 2 in the morning. We may have been slightly inappropriate and obnoxiously loud. Whoops.

Good Life, Naturally

17 Oct

Last Friday, Corrie and I made a road trip up to William Jewell College to see the Matt Wertz show. I’ve been a fan of Matt for a couple years after seeing him live. He opened for Jars of Clay when I saw him the first time and it was just him, his friend and their guitars and they rocked it for a hour. You know someone is a good musician when they only need their guitar and lyrics to make an amazing song. Anyways, when Corrie said she had gotten tickets to see him in Liberty, I was way pumped.

Matt was fantastic, not surprising. His energy is so contagious.

But the best part of the evening was I found a new musician to be obsessed with. I know, seriously, could I get a life or something? I’d never heard of Andy Davis prior to him pounding out tunes on his piano. This kid is a true musician. I felt slightly out of the loop because I didn’t know him while the high school girls behind me swooned, laughed at really inappropriate times (Corrie feels my pain here) and sang along to his songs. I have since fallen in love with Andy Davis. I’m a sucker for a man who can sing. Plus he’s cute in a “I look better in skinny jeans and a scarf than you” kind of way.

So this is my shameless marketing of these two guys. If they are ever in your area, drop everything you are doing and march yourself on down to see them. It is totally worth it.