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Daily Anthem 3.6.12

6 Mar

Same song. Two ways. Both on repeat.


Daily Anthem 2.10.12

10 Feb

Daily Anthem 7.8.11

8 Jul

Excellent cover of Lulu and the Lampshades You’re Gonna Miss Me.

And on a related sidenote. Why must I be so uncoordinated? Clapping, drumming, cup turning and, on top of that, singing.

I will never be this cool.

Daily Anthem 6.21.11

21 Jun

Matt Nathanson’s latest album, Modern Love, is out today. If you like good music, then you will love him.

And I can’t post something about Matt and not include what will always be one of my favorite songs ever…

Yep. Love.

Daily Anthem 4.21.11

21 Apr

Daaaaaang, girl.

Daily Anthem 3.29.11

29 Mar

Found this cover of a classic Michael Jackson song today and immediately fell in love.

The Civil Wars may be my new favorite duo.

Daily Anthem 2.4.11

4 Feb

I wish I could express my feelings by writing lyrics like “You are a novel in a sea of magazines.”

It’s so much more eloquent than, “Yeah, so I like you more than I like chocolate so, you know, that’s a lot.”