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9 Nov

I was an interior design student for a year. Hardest year of my life so far. I learned that I liked interior design as a hobby not as a career choice between sleepless nights and countless studio time and lack of friendship making during my formative freshmen year and changed my major first day of sophomore year.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t get giddy at the thought of paint and accessories and pillow shames. With the move into my apartment, I have had the opportunity to salvage some really awesome pieces from the great abyss known as my parent’s garage.


This dresser belonged to my great-grandmother who used it as a child. Her daughters (my grandmother and great aunt) used it when they were growing up and then my grandma placed it in my mom’s room when she was a baby. It’s over 100 years old and a solid piece of furniture but it was missing its hardware and was about six and a half different colors.


So I took it, sanded it down and painted it a vibrant, in-your-face purple. Then I found glass drawer pulls at Hobby Lobby (a store which I cannot walk into and not spend money). As my mom said last weekend, “Why didn’t we paint this thing purple years ago?”


On the red carpet

3 Aug


This is a bathroom. Coolest bathroom ever at the movie theater at the Power & Light District. I need a mirror like the one below in my home.


It’s like Christmas in May

28 May

This planner has been making the rounds on the blogs that I read and it was literally calling out my name. I cracked and purchased it last week.


It finally came in the mail yesterday and I love it! It has monthly and weekly sections as well as a sketch pad and “to do” list.

I told you. It was calling out my name.

Dance the Night Away

6 May




The little bro’s prom was this past weekend. While the rest of the family took the typical group shots of all the kiddos, I lurked around taking what my sisters call “artsy” pictures. I squealed like a little girl when I saw the paper flower corsage and boutonniere. The kid even painted his tie to match his dates dress. That’s impressive.


4 May


So apparently this is from the J.Crew Fall 09 collection. Patterned skirt, cardigan, skinny belt, ruffly top. Get in my closet right now!


I know I’m related to my grandmother

7 Apr

when I purchase annoyingly large jewelry pieces and wear them proudly.


On a related sidenote, the giant rock on the necklace apparently calls out to people to grab which resulted in being groped several time this past weekend. Not that I’m complaining…

I wish I had a reason to wear this

17 Feb


It’s a little “going to a funeral” but I’m a fan of the birdcage veils.