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Chi-Town, USA

11 May

If I didn’t like KC and my job so much, there’s a good chance I would have just stayed in Chicago, taken up residence in the Harry Potter closet at my friends’ apartment and survived on a diet of Chicago-style stuffed pizza and wine.


I heart KC.

13 Apr

 Have a mentioned lately how much I am loving living in Kansas City?

Because I do.

A lot.



26 years.

7 Apr

I turned 26 this week.

And obviously I celebrated by spending time with some of my favorite people and eating.

Lots of eating.


Caged Light

13 Mar

Tulips and Ice

2 Mar

It was 70 degrees yesterday.

Today, it’s snowing big, fat snowflakes.


8 Feb

In the past seven years I have moved 11 times.

Yes, 11. My family hates me.

During college, I lived in a different place each year. Then back home. Then first apartment. Then apartment from Hell. Then duplex basement.

And now?

Now I’m living in, what I am lovingly referring to as, Fancy House.

I’m pretty much in love.

Manhattan, KS

23 Jan

Sometimes a day trip back to the town you spent four formative years is just needed.

Manhattan Musts:
So Long Saloon

Acme Gift
Dusty Bookshelf

Varisty Donuts