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Daily Anthem 3.6.12

6 Mar

Same song. Two ways. Both on repeat.


Daily Anthem 10.3.11

3 Oct

It’s totally cool that I want to be Adele when I grow up, right?

And I’ve probably listened to this cover about 34 times so far today.

Daily Anthem 6.21.11

21 Jun

Matt Nathanson’s latest album, Modern Love, is out today. If you like good music, then you will love him.

And I can’t post something about Matt and not include what will always be one of my favorite songs ever…

Yep. Love.

Cirque du Holy Cow, You Shouldn’t Be Able To Do That!

16 May

Cirque du Soleil.




I went with some family friends and their 9 year old daughter. As we were leaving the show she exclaimed, “I’m going to tie some ribbon to our chandelier and spin down it like that lady did!”

She took the words right out of my mouth.

Daily Anthem 3.29.11

29 Mar

Found this cover of a classic Michael Jackson song today and immediately fell in love.

The Civil Wars may be my new favorite duo.

Daily Anthem 2.4.11

4 Feb

I wish I could express my feelings by writing lyrics like “You are a novel in a sea of magazines.”

It’s so much more eloquent than, “Yeah, so I like you more than I like chocolate so, you know, that’s a lot.”

Daily Anthem 1.19.11

19 Jan

I don’t know what it is about Bruno Mars’ Grenade, but I love that song. When it comes on the radio, you best believe I’m turning it up and signing along.

After perusing YouTube, I found this cover and have probably listened to it 10 times this afternoon.

I really should learn how to play the guitar that’s collecting dust in my closet so I can be as cool as this girl.