Letter to a Stranger 23rd Edition

16 May

Dear Shady Econovan Driver,

I had this crazy idea to sign up for a 5K this summer which would be fine and dandy if I hadn’t signed up with a team of actual runners. So here I am, six weeks out, getting up at 5 a.m., struggling to make it through Week 1 of my 5K training program.

Related side note: I’ve been struggling through Week 1 for two and a half weeks now. Embarrassing, I know.

So this morning, when you passed me on the road in your giant, white, no back window Econovan not once, but twice, at snail’s pace, I was about 97% sure you had plans to kidnap me. And to be honest, I do look like a wounded gazelle when I run. Read: easy target.

But then again, it was 5:30 in the morning and I was rocking the bed head and no make-up look hard.

I understand why you decided against it,



Chi-Town, USA

11 May

If I didn’t like KC and my job so much, there’s a good chance I would have just stayed in Chicago, taken up residence in the Harry Potter closet at my friends’ apartment and survived on a diet of Chicago-style stuffed pizza and wine.

The Lumineers.

30 Apr

To be honest, I knew two songs of The Lumineers prior to going to this show.

I’m in love now. So incredibly good.

My Roommate, The Librarian

23 Apr

Text Conversation

Elena: Just met third roommate’s bf. I am still in sweats and was in the process of dragging a large sandwich and a huge bag of chips to my bedroom. I am awesome.

Me: That visual image is amazing!

Elena: I felt like a human Gollum. Weird, unattractive… running back to my cave with my preciouses

Me: Laughing so hard I can barely see to text this

I heart KC.

13 Apr

 Have a mentioned lately how much I am loving living in Kansas City?

Because I do.

A lot.



26 years.

7 Apr

I turned 26 this week.

And obviously I celebrated by spending time with some of my favorite people and eating.

Lots of eating.


Pretty Accurate.

23 Mar